Reputable Call Recording Apps

Mar 1, 2019
I do understand about privacy. Not to do the whole TMI online. I’m having a problem with a health insurance company. They realized they made a few mistakes. Now when this particular manager calls me she calls from random numbers. Yesterday it was a Florida number and today it said “No Caller ID.” She is well aware I am a retired social worker and we (some) know how to document. She does not want me to be able to have a call log that would directly trace back to their insurance company which is not in Florida at all. Lol. I have a 7 Plus, many years ago I jailbroke my 4S. If I have to jailbreak to get a recording app for a short period of time. I just want to know are there (to your knowledge) any apps that record calls in the App Store that actually work? I’m not interested in hearing a speech on morals, ethnics and laws. I find it interesting that when I call into this insurance company there is a recording saying, “calls are recorded and some monitored.” Yet when the shoe is on the other foot people want to get all holier than thou. It’s fine to be all moral when your not the one getting take advantage of by a health insurance company.

Again, the question is simple are there any reputable call recording apps in the App Store?

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