Resetting IPOD Touch

Jul 2, 2007
GREAT NEWS GUYS! Talked my boss into letting me go to iPhone from ATT instead of BBerry from Verizon/ or Treo with Sprint...

We get two phones so I am getting the Treo and iPhone...

So here is what I NEED ASAP! He is making me pay the difference from the 199 to the 399 (which I think is fair he has been good about letting me keep the phones after contracts, so I am not worried about lossing the phone)

I am going to sell my Ipod touch to finance this thing, so I need help resetting it, however I am selling it as jailbroken, and I have version 1.1.1 so how can I do that without connecting it to iTunes?

I want to hard reset it and jailbreak it again for sale.

Please let me know ASAP so I can get on the bandwagen and get the iPhone, hopefully they don't get a 3g between now and a few months from now.

Thanks in advance guys, look forward to it. :)


Nov 5, 2007
Anyone know how? By chance...
Have you DL'd firmware 1.1.1 in the past if so, connect to iTunes, Make sure iTunes doesn't automatically update it (turn this feature off in iTunes). hold the shift key and click restore, browse to the firware file 1.1.1 (On your PC or MAC) then it should wipe it back to normal, then (I am not sure on this part) go to on safari, that should be it... but it has been a long while since I have done this so you may want to do some more research.