Restore and InstallerApp questions...


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Jul 23, 2009
Clearwater, FL
I'm at work right now, so I can't really do any searches before my boss catches me not working haha, anyways, here's my question:

the firmware I currently have on my 3GS 16GB is the original one that came with it when I bought it back in June. My phone is currently jailbroken but people were telling me that with the new update to 3.1 I won't be able to jailbreak it if I do the update before the new jailbreak comes out or something along those lines. Well I might have downloaded an app that affected some stuff on my phone such as the vibrate function when I receive a text message. I really want to restore my phone to see if the vibrate will work once its back to factory settings. I've already checked all my settings, but if it doesn't work I'll need to go to the Apple store to get it checked out. If I restore my phone, will it automatically update from 3.0 to 3.1?

I also downloaded the InstallerApp program by RipDev so I can manage my 3rd party apps on my pc. It status bar stops at 75% and says no iPhone is connected. Has anyone on here downloaded it and have the same issues as I? I already put what I had to put on my phone. Any help is greatly apprectiated.


Feb 27, 2009
You will be foreced to firmware 3.1 if you try to restore. Can't help you with the Installer issue.