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Discussion in 'Windows PC and iPhone' started by soosb21, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. soosb21

    soosb21 Member

    I need help my new iPhone 3GS. It wont restore and is stuck in dfu keeps getting 3004 error. Any ideas?
  2. iphun

    iphun Zealot

    Which iTunes do you have? If it's 8.2 do you have the final version?
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  4. soosb21

    soosb21 Member

    just deleted the itunes i had and downloadin and installin newest one from itunes gonna try that. lol its killin me stuck in dfu with a brand new phone
  5. iphun

    iphun Zealot

    If that doesn't work shut the phone off and put it into DFU yourself - have itunes open turn the phone off then hold the home button while you connect to the computer. Then iTunes will recognize a phone in restore mode and hopefully you won't fail.
  6. iphun

    iphun Zealot

  7. soosb21

    soosb21 Member

    i think it was the older itunes problem. good call. cant wait for a jailbreak. miss my five icon dock
  8. iphun

    iphun Zealot

    It doesn't sound like it will be too much longer for the 3.0 jailbreak, but I am sure it will take a little longer for the 3GS
  9. prostovanka

    prostovanka New Member

    I'm having same issue and yes Im familiar with DFU Mode. My iPhone 3G S gets 3004 error when I try to restore it in DFU mode or regular Restore mode and now It wont go back to normal phone. Its stuck in Restore mode. Any ideas? (Besides take it back to apple)
  10. Europa

    Europa Moderator

    Please provide a little more information. At what point exactly in the restore process do you get the error? PC or Mac? iTunes version?
    Try deleting the ipsw file (maybe it's a corrupt file?) and then restoring again. iTunes will automatically redownload it after you delete it and then restore to factory settings.

    Here's where the file is located.
    On Windows:
    Documents and Settings\<User>\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates
    On Mac:
    ~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates
  11. mymobile

    mymobile New Member

    I had the exact same problem.

    The solution for me was :-

    1. Download iTunes 8.2 from
    2. Install the downloaded iTunes - this will install over the 8.2B (beta).
    3. do the normal restore with the 3.1 FW

  12. NLA

    NLA New Member

    GJ bro, you might never be able to jailbreak now.

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