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    Is there any tweaks that I store my resume on my iPad or iPhone. So if I need to send my resume for a job via my iPhone or iPad I can send it?
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    Have you tried to put your resume on your iPhone via iFile? I'm sure you can store a document and send it when needed. Or definitely be near a computer where you can get into your computer somehow! And possibly have your resume stored on a storage device / cd.

    I just saw this thread, and thought it may help you! I need to look more into the app though. Looks like it may assist you. It says it's a USB app that can hold documents and more!
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    I have my Resume on DropBox....the advantages of this I can download from any iDevice or computer....using the Dropbox app allows me use iFile or iDownloader to access the document..and then attach in an email... :)

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