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New Member
Jun 30, 2007
I was not able to stand in line last night and get one so I was at the AT&T store first this this morning and asked if they had any. They said yes only the 4GB one and I said wrap it up because I figured that there were no more 8GB left anywhere. Well I went to the Apple store and guess what ... they had lots of them. I was told by AT&T there is a 10% re-stocking fee but at the Apple store they said there was not? I want to trade up for the 8GB anybody hear anything about this? Thanks!:(


New Member
Jun 7, 2007
There should not be a restocking fee if the box is not opened, however there should be a 10/15% (can't remember) charge if the boz is opened. I guess this applies to both Apple and AT&T stores. If you cannot take it back to the stores for any reason, send it to me here in the UK :laugh2: