Review: Contour Flick Vs Power Air Jacket


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Oct 7, 2008
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[FONT=&quot]been about 3 months I've been through 3 cases. I don't want bulk, as I keep the phone in my pocket and, occasionally, laying around places where its prone to be scratched while im working.

The Invisible Shield was great, so small and light, but I was getting fed up with the corners peeling and getting all dirty (back cover)

So I peeled off Invisible Shield back and sides. I'm still using IS on the front.

I went back to using the old standby, the Contour Flick. Nice case, its 'pretty small' and light, it wraps around the bezel of the phone nicely so the chrome wont get scratched. It wraps around the top as well and does a good job protecting top ports and sleep switch. However, i still found it a bit bulky for my pocket. It is very durable, and its kept my phone scratch free. I wanted something lighter, even more simple and basic.

I got my Power Support Air Jacket today. I got the black one; it has a matte finish, not smooth and glossy on the outside. The inside is smooth and glossy. The finish should prevent it from sliding under very minor forces. Its not as smooth as the Flick. The Air jacket still allows easy in and out of jeans pockets.

The Air Jacket wraps around the iPhone to about halfway up the side chrome bezel. So some of the chrome is still exposed. I may install invisible shield on the exposed chrome. The air jacket simply snaps on. Its snug, the phones not going anywhere, and i don't see it scratching the back of the phone. The Air Jacket does not wrap around the top or bottom of the phone. So top ports and switch are easily accessible but exposed. Bottom port is open for docking.

The very best part about the Air Jacket, it is about HALF the thickness of the Contour Flick. It is just a shell. I don't think its going to protect from impact (drops) any more than the flick would. Id say its about as thick at 2 sheets of paper. I weighed them on my electronic scale, the Air Jacket is half the bulk as the flick. The Contour Flick weighs in at .6 oz where the Air Jacket is .3 oz.

I like the size and finish of the air jacket. I'll report back if i find any issues with it as i use it.

Air Jacket Link
The air jacket comes with 2 screen protectors as well.


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Dec 19, 2007
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Contour Flick all the way with an Anti Glare film, best set up


Aug 19, 2008
Nice review, try to post some pics up if you can.


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Nov 27, 2008
I'd love to see pictures as well. The ones on the Apple store are difficult to see...
Jun 23, 2008
Honolulu, Hawaii
I knew the Air Jacket would be perfect for minimalists.

I'm only buying cases with a one-piece construction from now on. I dropped my iPhone once with the Griffin Wave case and the case came apart and the drop scratched my bezel - although it did do the major job of protecting major damage to the iPhone itself.

I love my Contour Showcase. The holster helps to protect it from drops. No damage or scratches whatsoever if it is dropped on hard concrete. You can even turn the screen side inwards so that your glass is protected.