Review: iSkin revo case


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Had this case on my iPhone for a while. It is really nice if you like something a little more rugged. You can find the whole thing and more pics on my blog.

Review: iPhone: iSkin Revo case - Rugged and Handsome

Feb.14, 2008 in Accessories, Reviews, iPhone Leave a Comment
Your iPhone never felt quite so protected!

Alright, so you folks should all know by now that I’m an accessory junkie. I had my Seidio iPhone Innocase and Holster for a while, and then I got my iSkin Revo iPhone case and have been using that for about a week. So I figure I may as well save you folks some trouble and help you figure out which is best for you.
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Feb 11, 2008
I just got my Revo plus the holster and agree with everything you said. I am very hard on my things, and really need the extra protection so this case is definitely for me. I love it! Thanks for the great review!