Revirginizing Help

Oct 23, 2007
Hey guys, my iPhone froze up on my a few nights ago and now everytime I go to start it up it takes a few minutes to boot up and once it arrives at the home screen it freezes up and re-boots on its own. I think I need to do a restore on it but iTunes keeps giving me an unknown error so I'm sure its because my phone is unlocked and jailbroken and needs to be revirginized. The only thing is I cannot SCP into my phone as my wifi isn't connected to the phone since the phone keeps freezing up. Does anyone know something else I could try please. Any help would be greatly appreciated so I can get my phone back up and running. Thanks!


Nov 28, 2007
Ok...Pontiac....this is what you do...turn your iPhone off by holding the power key at the top. Slide it off on the screen when it asks you to. Then turn it back on again. When it comes back, connect it to the computer and attempt to sync it in iTunes. If you can get this far, then do this next

1. Hold both the power/sleep button AND the circle key on the bottom together for about 10 seconds. listen to your pc's usb connection beeps while you're doing this. After the first ten secs or so the screen will go dark and you'll hear the first beep. LET GO of the top button while still holding the circle button. Hold on for your dear life until your pc pops up a new hardware found message on the bottom right of your screen by the quick launch tray. At this point, iTunes will say its attempting to connect with the iPhone in a popup message. Let it do its thing and then in a few more secs, iTunes will say its detected your iPhone in recovery mode....and will give you the option to recover your iPhone with the latest firmware. HOLD THE SHIFT KEY and select the option to restore. A new window should pop up asking you to chose the file you want to use to restore. Its a GREAT idea to download the firmware file you want and go off that.

Good luck and God speed!

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