Jun 19, 2007
Upper Marlboro, MD
Do any of you Mystery Science Theater 3000 fans get into Rifftrax?

The guys from MST3K get together and talk back to some of the newer movies and TV shows out there, and some of them ( the movies) are really good. The 'bots are gone, and so are the theater seats at the bottom of the screen, but Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, Bill Corbett and others are still there lambasting away.

Rifftrax sells you an "rifftrax" in mp3 format and suggests that you play it in an external player along with the movie. Helpful voice hints help you get everything synced up at first.

Instead of playing the rifftrax externally, I like to rip the actual movie or TV show from the DVD (which I own) and edit down and mix the rifftrax in with the actual DVD audio track. This makes for a much more enjoyable rifftrax experience, in my opinion, although it can be a lot more work.

Let's see - I've made rifftrax DVDs of the two-hour Lost pilot, The Fellowship of the Ring, Jaws, Star Wars IV: A New Hope, and maybe a couple others I can't remember right now.

If you haven't tried the Rifftrax experience, you might enjoy it!

Looking back at this post, it sounds a lot like a shameless plug, but it's not. I'm not affiliated with Rifftrax in any way, but I really have enjoyed some of their TV and movie treatments.