Ring tone help please?

Nov 29, 2007
I am new to the forum here and have been searching but i cannot find anything that is helping me out.
i got my iPhone unlocked 2 days ago and the one thing i really want is to have my mp3's as my ringtones.
i have been reading about using iTunes 7.4 - i have iTunes 7.5 which to my knowledge has nothing i can use.

i have i phone version 1.1.1.

the other meathod i read about is using the "send song" app which i installed and sent a ringtone to "ringtones" then i can play it but when a call is reveived it defaults to the mamba iPhone ringtone.

is there something i am doing wrong with the send song app OR is there a better way i can do this?

thanks for any help


New Member
Oct 31, 2007
hey i member finding something bout the MeCCA patch but i cant find the thread again.. anyone kno anything about it?