ringtone 7.4.2 wipedout all my ringtones so

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New Member
Jun 30, 2007
i don't get how you gyes are loosing your ringtones with the past few updates?

i never used any software to upload my ringtones so maybe thats why, i do it the original way because i like it better and under ringtones in iTunes i juss UNCHECK the sync ringtone box and i haven't had to reinstall my ringtones yet or anything.


Sep 7, 2007
McPherson, KS
I don't understand why people are trying to sync ringtones either. Obviously every time Apple releases an update they are going to try and break it (much like they do DRM). The easiest way I've found which has worked since I got my iPhone and through the most recent updates is to use iFuntastic and just copy the ringtones I want to the System Ringtones directory. This way they are there and any updates shouldn't break it unless Apple puts in some kind of protection for System ringtones.


Jul 13, 2007
Just wondering what you people with the non iTunes ringtones are going to do with future updates that add features? Are you going to skip them just to keep your ringtones?

I don't think they are worth the hassles you are putting up with.
I think the important thing to remember here is not to update for the sake of updating. The versions of iTunes since 7.3.1 have not added any features that I know of for people that are using outside programs to add ring tones. I have had custom ringtones on my phone for a while and have never had them deleted/moved/renamed because I have not touched iTunes. From this point forward the only time I will update iTunes if whatever firmware update comes requires it.