Safari always reloading page

Oct 6, 2008
I just got my new G3 last week and put Safari to the test. I'm completely new to the iPhone or Ipod and iTunes. I build houses in Second life and like to surf for textures while on the train. I knew that such activity on a phone would be slow, but this is what I'm experiencing:

1. I go to a page with 40+ thumbnailed images and wait ~5 minutes for them all to load. (I expect the delay)
2. I click an image, which invokes a new page and wait for the texture to download. (Again, expecting the delay)
3. I save the texture in my phone and close the page.
4. The original page scrolls back over - the one which contains all the thumbnails....

But then it goes back to the server, reloading the page and and all the thumbnails again, so I have to wait another ~5 minutes for all the thumbnails to reload again.

Is there anyway to stop Safari from automatically reloading to the server?
Thanks in advance


Jul 15, 2007
New York City
Well you cans stop it but you won't have the page loaded then. No, there is no way to stop Safari from trying to load the page again.