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    i was on the phone to my daughter when in mid convo my phone switched itself off and when it restarted it said it was running in safemode ive never seen a message like that before so i clicked help and it said just click reset safemode which i did but now cant ring out on my phone any one help please?
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    Hold power and home button until it switches off and back on to the Apple logo. Try that. If that doesn't work try restoring your phone.

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    Thread moved to the jailbreak forum.

    Most people who jailbreak have experienced this at least a time or two. I only worry about it if it happens frequently. It's usually caused by an incompatible app or theme. If you recently installed/applied something, it could be the cause. If a respring or reboot doesn't fix it, try a hard reset. If that doesn't fix it, try uninstalling what you last installed.

    To do a hard reset, press the home and power buttons at the same time, ignore the slide to power off and let go when you see the Apple logo.

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