Saving text conversations

Nov 26, 2007
Ok, I have been searching through here and as of yet can't find a great RECENT answer to this, so hopefully I don't annoy anyone for asking a question that has been answered many times already...
So, I am trying to track down the best way (or free/easiest) to either save an entire text conversation, either via backup, or app?
As of yet, I don't see that there is a way to forward single or multiple texts to an e-mail address, am I right?
Or is there a possible way to copy multiple texts at the same time and past them to a notepad?

I have ran out of possible ideas....can anyone help?

(still have 3G, on 3.0)


Mar 30, 2009

This tutorial will help you save all those important and juicy text messages on your iPhone to your computer for later reading.

If you followed my previous tutorial, “How To Recover Your iPhone Files, Photos, Contacts, Notes, SMS, Call History, Etc.”, you learned how to recover iPhone files from a backup on your computer to restore back to your iPhone. By now you should already downloaded and installed two free applications called DiskAid and iPhone Backup Extractor. For this tutorial, we only need DiskAid to transfer your text messages or SMS from your iPhone to your computer, but we need another one to read those messages from a database and save them in a file format that can be read and properly formatted by an application like MS Excel or any other spreadsheet. This is where we need SQLite Database Browser.
What You Need
Download and install the following:
DiskAid for Mac or Windows
SQLite Database Browser for Mac or Windows
Use DiskAid To Copy “sms.db” From iPhone To Computer
(1) Connect your iPhone to your computer.
(2) Open DiskAid

(3) Click the pull-down at the bottom of the screen where it says Media Folder and select Root Folder (click Go Ahead when a warning window pops up).
(4) Click User -> Library -> SMS -> sms.db.

(5) Click the Copy to Folder icon above and save the “sms.db” file to a folder in your computer.
(6) From your compuer, right-click on sms.db and open it with the SQLite Database Browser application you just installed.

(7) From the SQLite Database Browser, click on the menu File -> Export -> Table as CSV file.

(8) On the Table name drop-down list, select message and click Export.

(9) Save the file with a .csv extension (ex. sms.csv).

(10) Open the file with MS Excel or any other spreadsheet.

Note: You won’t be able to see the name of the sender, only the phone numbers.


Mar 26, 2009
Las Vegas
DiskAid is also the best way to put images/movies back in your camera roll if you copy them to your computer and remove them from the camera roll or restore as a new device. Transferring videos back this way enables sharing and editing again for movies that have been previously deleted (you don't have to put them in iTunes so you don't have to view them from the iPod App).

EDIT: Best part: You don't have to be jailbroken to transfer the videos back. You do have to be jailbroken to view the "ROOT" file in DiskAid. The Camera Roll is located in the "Media" folder under DCIM>100APPLE
Nov 26, 2007
Thank you so much, I will give that a try when I get home from work today...are these files printable also?