Screen Guards?

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Jul 2, 2007
Can anyone tell me if using screen guards takes away from the sensitivity of the screen? I ordered a rubberized cover for my iPhone and it came with a few screen guards but I don't want to bother with them if its going to cause any issues. i can't imagine it will but figured i would post on here anyways. Thanks.


New Member
Jul 2, 2007
I have heard that the Crystal Film Set from Apple .. and InvisibleShield ... or even bodyguardz are perfect that they do not take any sensitivity from the screen I have heard tho that when you put these type of products on you get a sticky feeling when you are clicking an icon .. but other then that people love them and others hate them..


New Member
Jul 11, 2007
I got the iQase FILM while I was waiting for a case I liked, or deciding if I wanted to attempt something more complicated like the invisibleSHIELD or bestscreenever full body protectors that use solvents and come in several pieces.

I'm still not sure I want one of those, the photos make them appear to be fairly visible, so I'm waiting to see if someone else tries it where i can hold one and see for myself.

I am happy with the iQase, installation was as easy as lining up one edge and dropping it, I can't really feel any difference from using it before I put it on (it's not sticky or rough), and I can't see it once it's installed... they only way to tell there's a film on it at all is to turn it off so the screen is black, hold it in bright light, and look for the edge of the film where the home key and ear speakers are cut out. You can't really see the outer perimeter edges since it is cut to line up to the edges where the glass meets the sliver trim.

It also comes off easily, just stick some tape to it and pull, and I haven't noticed any wear or edge pealing in a week of it being used in and out of a pocket with just the film on.