Seagate 1.5TB in stock at NewEgg v. hard drive nostalgia


Oct 23, 2007
Louisville, KY
$190, free 3-day shipping

I got me one. Now I'm going to sell all of my other hard drives to make enough money to get another to back up that one :p

I've been moving all of my data off of the various scattered hard drives I have onto this one and been starting to reorganize them so I can find my stuff better in the future...15 years of disjointed file storage and upgrading hard drives by copying the previous generation into a "backup" folder on the bigger drive has lead to great confusion and disarray. And a lot of it I still keep around and use, whenever I can find it, like the first game I bought with my own money, Tyrian.

  • I started collecting things on a Pentium 133 with a 1.6gb drive. I had figured since we were upgrading from a 486/DX-33 (or was it 486-DX/33?) with a 420 meg hard drive, that we'd never run out of space again, so I spent a lot of time downloading such things as music, small DOS games, and even one large Windows game which was something like 120 megs. All on dialup. Yeah, I had a lot of time on my hands.
  • When I got my own computer, it came with an 8 gb and then I later added two 6 gb's my dad got for free. I was still filling em up with dialup.
  • Just when those drives started crapping out, I won an IBM Deathstar 60 gig at That drive probably ended up biting the big one in an old computer somewhere, I pawned it off when I next upgraded. Still managed to fill this one up, but we got cable internet between when i got it and when I gave up on it.
  • Then there were two 120 gig Western Digital 1200JBs, one of which I sold off when I built someone a computer out of some spare parts I had. That last 120 gig is still in service to this day.
  • My first SATA purchase was a 74 gig Raptor for OS and a 300 gig Maxtor for data.
  • Then most recently a pair of 150 gig Raptors for OSes and more data.

Somewhere between those latest two upgrades, I managed to go from a 100 gig 5400 RPM Hitachi notebook hard drive in my tablet to a 200 gig Hitachi 7200 RPM, which meant all of my stuff basically scattered among 7 current hard drives. I remember in the first few capacity jumps thinking that I'd never fill the drive up. By the time I got that 300 gig Maxtor and had cable internet for a while, I learned that there'll always be a way to fill it up. And now I'll have a whole terabyte and then some to fill up with all of my old crap and some new crap. *sheds a tear*

Anyone want to buy one or two 150 gig WD Raptors? My desktop machine bit the big one, so I can't use these the way they were meant to be used anymore.