searches are dodgy...And I'm a newb


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Dec 21, 2007
I just jailbroke my phone so I have no idea... But I've spent hours searching and could not find a straight answer.
1. What is SSH.
2. What is iBrickr?
3. How do I access the files on my iPhone?

Thanks for helping someone who feels like an idiot.


Oct 5, 2007
Phoenix, Arizona
SSH is "Secure Shell" and is a means to connect to the phone using your PC. You have to run OpenSSH on the phone and then use a client software such as WinSCP or iPhoneBrowser on your computer to connect to the files on the phone.
iBrickr is a piece of software written to help install software and copy individual files onto the phone from your desktop computer.
The easiest way to access the files on the phone (using a PC) is to use the iPhoneBrowser program. There is no login required and it displays the file structure as a tree like Windows Explorer does. It is not as powerful as WinSCP or the other programs out there though. Those programs work more like what an FTP program does and is better for copying large groups of files to and from the phone and also include a terminal program built into them so you can run command line um.. commands.
Hopes this helps a bit.