Searching for nutrition counter app (barcode) with Chinese products!


New Member
Jun 15, 2014
Maybe some well-traveled Ex-pat can help me on this?

I am frequently staying in China and trying to keep my food intake in check ;)
But with apps that help you count calories/nutrients including a barcode scanner,
I cannot find one that would work with ordinary Chinese supermarket products.
Like, they do scan, but can't find the info in their database - it seems to be filled
only with US- or European products :(

Does anyone know an app that can help me when shopping in China? Hongkong?
I'm sure there must also be food-aware Chinese people, but a Chinese app I couldn't
read. On the other hand some apps seem to be translated into Mandarin also.

Have tried only free versions so far, but would purchase an app IF you could tell me
that it has what I need!

Thanks in advance,
doroSann :)