Security message for iCloud?


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Apr 17, 2010
Hello all,

I am hoping someone could give me some advice in this matter. Currently, I would say about 2 weeks ago I have been receiving this pop up asking me to, "Create New iCloud Security Code". I have never gotten this popup before since using iCloud when it first launched. The only option available to dismiss the message are:
- Create New Code
- Learn More
- Reset & Turn Off Keychain

I thought this was a bit odd so I clicked on the learn more option. The page that I am directed to is:
https:// .com/en-us/HT5835
Which 404's.

Here is the screenshot of the message.
http:// i.imgur .com/RK1Huse.jpg?1

Has this happened to anyone else? Is this legitimate?
Also my iPhone is JB. I have never had this problem before with my other JB devices. I would think if this apple pop up is legitimate then wouldn't this pop up happen across all my JB devices and also show up on my macbook, but it doesn't.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks you in advance.
Sorry if this is the wrong place to create the thread. I wasn't to positive where to ask this question.
Also I guess I can't post links in this thread yet. I will put a space after the '//' and between the before the '.com' Sorry for the inconvenience.