Seidio Customer Support!

Jun 26, 2007
First off: please read the whole post, it is very heartwarming to know that some companies still do care.

I just wanted to share my recent experience with Seidio's customer support.
I usually don't have a lot of success getting companies to realize how i feel about their product and how they could help me out.
Many companies have un-motivated people manning phones all day long and have not a care in the world about what you think, not Seidio.
In fact, i didn't even have to call them to get a great CS experience.
As you might know, myself and many others on this forum have the Seidio rubberized slim case. While i do consider it to be one of the best if not THE BEST case for the iPhone, it did have one minor flaw. My review can be seen here (shameless plug). Now before i get to that flaw, i just wanted to say first that Siedio took it upon themselves to join this board and answer many questions of those who were curious or had questions about their product.
Now to the flaw. Simply put, my case clicked. Now when i say this, i mean, after a few days of use and a few times taking the case off and on, i noticed a bit of a clicking sound when i picked my phone up by the corners or edges. It is simply a bit of play near the edges.
I realized that no other case on the market compared to Seidio's sexiness and slimness, none whatsoever.
So upon noticing this, a few people brought it up, and Seidio responded.
I received an email from Seidio asking for my contact and order info. Note: i didn't have to even directly contact them, they simply saw my discomfort and realized that a replacement was in order.
Within two days, i had confirmation that i was to receive a replacement and they also wanted to see my case to do tests and observations on it. The replacement is great, but knowing that they stilll wanted to see my case in order to possibly improve the design is even better.
It made me feel really good that some companies still cared and one of them was Seidio, the make of my first chosen iPhone case, and still my favorite iPhone case.
Please, do them a favor and check out their stuff at the EIP store or at
And no, i do not work for seidio!:)
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Sep 23, 2007
Columbia, SC
That's great. Does your replacement click? My wife's case is supposed to arrive soon so we shall see if hers is a better fit than the one that I received.


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Jun 26, 2007
yes, if your replacement doesn't click, im going to go ahead and give them a call and get mine replaced.

Seidio is awesome.


Sep 5, 2007
Great Neck, NYC
I agree, Seidio has top notch products, and as I have found out recently, even better customer service (Thanks Margaret!). They read this message board all of the time, and really care about their customer's concerns. My first attempt at buying products straight from the Seidio website was a bad first impression, but the lengths they went to to fix it were extraordinary. The problem disappeared very quickly, good job Seidio.


Jul 25, 2007
Nowhere, Mitten
Just ordered me up a slim case from Seidio, chose this over the Agent18 just due to the good representation and service I have seen on this forum. Time to replace my Incase!