Sending iPhone abroad


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Jun 26, 2007
I bought another iPhone today , which I will give to my friend, who is going to Russia and will sell it there ( it is selling for $1000-$1300 USD in Moscow)
When I was looking at local iphone-related russian web sites I noticed that most units on sale there are offered sealed in the original Apple packaging and still locked to AT&T (not hacked to use with local SIM cards). Some sellers offering unlocked iPhones ( at least this is what they claim) and those units are going for $1300 - $1400.
When I was at the Apple store near Chicago today, Apple salesman advised me to activate my new iPhone with AT&T and then immediately cancel the service (he said I can do it within 14 days). He said that if I will not do that before shipping it abroad, then even ipod and other non-phone features will not work if attempting to activate it from abroad. I don't want to brake the seal on new iPhone as I'm affraid my friend will not be able to get full market price for it in Russia.

I guess my 3 questions are:

1. Can iPhone be hacked to work as phone and iPod even if it was not activated withh AT&T first?

2. Should I activate it and cancel service with AT&T first or just send sealed iPhone with my friend?

3. If iPhone was previousely activated with AT&T , will it make it easier to hack, so it will work with other providers SIMs?


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Mar 30, 2009
Now on to your question.
1. Yes it can be but it has to be with a provider thatuses sim cards.
2. No just unlock the phone without the AT7t activation. The activating and canceling would be expensive too.
3. No its the same whether it was activated or it wass never activated.