September iWatch release date?


Jun 10, 2006
Long Island, NY
A new report today from the sketchy, but at times correct, DigiTimes says Apple will introduce the iWatch in September. It's starting to get increasingly competitive in that space, but Apple doesn't have to rush the iWatch. Android watches require an Android phone. iPhone owners aren't going to jump ship just because they can get a watch that works with their phone. (okay, maybe I will for a day or two or three). Seriously, the required tie-in won't have people rushing out to buy a Galaxy Gear or even Moto 360. Apple going big with the iPhone 6 will drive plenty of sales this fall. Would it be nice if we had a September iWatch release date? Sure, but it's not imperative. At this point, it does seem likely. iOS 8 seems to be very health and fitness driven. They are going to need a wearable device with sensors to really make that feature shine.
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