serious volume problems


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Sep 1, 2007
Anchorage, ALASKA
I know everyone is probably going to ignore this, but i've searched a lot of threads for this and can't really find what I want..

So my girlfriend's iPhone has terrible volume issues, i believe because she's dropped it.. but you can barely hear out of the speakers.. like if you're in the living room with the tv on, you'll miss a call.. can barely hear anything talking on it, and speakerphone is just as bad.. i've tried the whole 'go into iTunes' idea, tried the headphones idea multiple times.. even went as far as doing a restore thinking MAYBE, just maybe that'd fix something..

no.. nothing.. the phone sucks, and more than likely won't be able to sell it..


anyone have any ideas?

i'm willing to take any advice at all..

would Apple fix this or would they say since you can tell it's been dropped..?