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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by gary88, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. gary88

    gary88 Member

    Does anyone else use Comcast for email and know how to get the settings to set it up on the iPhone?
  2. Jason14

    Jason14 New Member

    i do....
    go to settings then mail then add account form there select other

    Your name
    and your email address for address and for description
    then your user name and password

    Username and passwprd optional
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  4. gary88

    gary88 Member

    Worked out perfectly, just forgot to set it to POP the first time I tried. Thanks!
  5. stevetim

    stevetim New Member

    with Comcast, you might have to use port 25 on the smtp to get your emails through both wifi and edge. If you use just wifi, you don't need port 25. But to access Comcast's email server through edge it has to use port 25. is the correct setting.

    It's what I use and have used since day one.
  6. todd1010

    todd1010 New Member

    I have comcast email and I didn't set any port numbers and I've been receiving my email since day one perfectly.
  7. stevetim

    stevetim New Member

    Ya, some people have luck with standards. I didn't. It may have to do with locale, and the server settings for different customers.
  8. todd1010

    todd1010 New Member

    That's good to know though!
  9. Donna GG

    Donna GG New Member

    can't send mail

    can receive mail on my new iPhone, but get msg: "cannot send mail; sender's address is invalid." think using this Port 25 would fix that ... or?

    Thanks for any help!

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