Setting up iPad 2 for different user?

Discussion in 'iPad 2' started by bkford, Nov 4, 2013.

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    Just bought a new iPad Air for myself and want to set up my iPad 2 for my husband. I would lilke to remove my account and set it up with his account, for purposes of backing up to iCloud, etc. I can't find a place in the settings where I can change it from my account to his. Anyone?
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    You can restore it to factory settings or you can just log out of iCloud. You can also log out of iTunes and the App Store if you don't share an Apple ID. Many people have separate Apple IDs for the App Store and iCloud. It's best to share an App Store account (so you can share apps) and have your own iCloud accounts (so you can have individual bookmarks, notes, contacts, etc. and also so you each have 5 GB).

    Go to Settings > iCloud > and scroll down to delete account. You can choose to keep the contacts on the iPad for him if you want and then he can set up his own iCloud account and it will save the contacts to his account.

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