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Jul 27, 2009

I had a Digifocus-Tough Shell bought on before, but the quality was poor.

The design is really weird and it doesn’t fit my iPhone at all.

Every time I touch it, I left my finger on it.

There is no non-slip design on the back of the shell, and the surface is easily scratched. It got dull after using for a while.

It looks clumsy when putting it on.

Digifocus shell makes my iPhone even thicker; when wearing jeans, I can’t even put my iPhone in my pocket.

So, I did the research again on Amazon, then I found SHIELD Polycarbonate Slim Fit Case. There are a lot of positive comments about it.

It contains a hard case and a swipe cloth for cleaning finger prints.

Smooth edge and great ergonomic design with leather paint give a sure grip and don’t leave any finger prints.

You can see the elaborate designs and excellent quality from every angle, and it’s integrated.

It leaves 2 holes for my cell phone straps, a pretty thoughtful design.

If someone asks for my recommendations of iPhone protecting case, I would definitely say SHIELD. The minimal, soft-touch and thin design with fully protection are the reasons why I love it. I would say that is the best protecting case for iPhone I’ve ever seen so far.

Moreover, the best product doesn’t have to be the most expensive one; I think I found the perfect one for my iPhone, I hope you do, too.