Should I get a iPhone?


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Jul 7, 2007
Thank you for your replies! Well I have a treo 700p and its getting on my last nerve!:mad: I think I will make the switch cause I want a GOOD web browser and I want to watch movies. I'll still keep my treo just in case. Two questions...... 1) So how is the battery life?....2) if there was no iPhone then what other phone would you recommend?
1) I actually find the battery life to be great for a pda/smartphone with a touchscreen. A lot of times these devices (see Treo/Moto Q ect) have a lot worse battery life. I think it could use some improvement, but if you shut off wifi/bluetooth when not using them I have found I can get about 2 days on a charge. Power days I can get at least a full day+

2) Well Blackberry is coming out with some great devices, 88xx series, Curve etc. The 8820 on ATT sports GPS, WiFi, Push email etc. The new Moto Q9 coming out in ATT is suppose to have some promise, but I would wait for it to actually come out because of the last Qs issues (though once you hacked past those issues and modded the phone I found it to be solid, but that took a lot of tinkering) But I think that is 3G, WiFi, GPS WM6. I would stay away from most of the Treo's and WM5/6 with touchscreens. Right now they still haven't worked out the bad battery issues with those yet, and they are also very bulky usually and once you get use to a PDA/Smartphone without a touchscreen it really doesn't make that big of a deal. I could actually do tasks quicker on my MotoQ without a touchscreen then I can on the iPhone.