Should I return my 3G iPhone

Jul 13, 2007
I purchased a new 3G iPhone 2 weeks ago and the battery life is getting worse and worse I fully charged my iPhone last night and by 4:00PM today I got the fatal 20% percent warning message and then dead iPhone. Here is my rant with my first gen iPhone I could keep it charged in the car with my Ipod connector not with the 3G you need to buy a special charger for it people say to get better battery life turn off 3G turn off GPS and turn off location services well why buy a 3G iPhone if I am going to turn off all the services that make it better from ver1 : ( I also noticed that reception is not as good as the 1st iPhone more bars in more places except where I need them. Anyways pretty fed up I think I am going to return it tomorrow and go back to my 1st gen iPhone I purchased it at an Apple store will an AT&T store take it back or do you think I should wait?
Aug 2, 2007
Long Island N.Y.
Its supposed to have more battery time then v1 with 3g turned off, im not really sure if it does though, it might just even out.
But if you do turn off all the new features, then it will be like having a v1,.. so i would keep it.


Sep 7, 2007
Atlanta, GA
You might have already thought about this. If you have bad reception at work that will kill your battery faster. If you turn off the 3g and the signal gets better then I would just do that. I understand were you are coming from I almost returned my V1 when I first got it because of the battery but I found that it was because the phone was always searching for a stronger signal.


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Jul 15, 2008
Seriously, turn off 3G, Wifi and PUSH for email....they are all drains on the battery. ANother HUGE one is turing your brightness level down to 20% or lower....seriously, that screen is WAY too bright, and most people I know who complain about battery life have left it on full brightness.

The phone has great features, but with the low battery capabilities, there is no reason to keep em running if you are not using them. It comes down to user responsibility to get the most life out of the product at this time.

Voltaic Shock

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Aug 15, 2008
Leesburg, VA
For the signal issue, try upgrading to 2.0.2, that seem to have fixed my 3G issues, but it's only been one day now.

I noticed the battery going quickly on mine too, but I have been playing with it a lot and trying out everything. This happened with my BB too and after I got over the initial joy of having the device, the battery was fine.


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Jul 26, 2008
The 3G definitely eats your battery the most. I turn the 3G off unless im going to use the internet allot and have the brightness down to about 25%, my battery will last all day. I also leave push e-mail on because i use MobileMe for syncing.