Show us your Apple Watch

Michael Baturin

Jul 11, 2007
South Jersey
Decided to buy an aluminium Nike+ Series 3 to replace my Series 0 Stainless Steel. After wearing it for 4 days, I looked at it and saw a hairline scratch! I wore my stainless steel series 0 since Apple Watch day 1 release without ever having a scratch show on the screen. No idea how it got there, but here is was after 4 days:


So, I decided - back to the apple store with it (it wasn't visible unless specifically shined on like above) and instead decided to get a black stainless steel series 3. The Ion-X glass doesn't seem very strong - I went with stainless mostly for the Sapphire glass which holds up much better. I also went with Cellular figuring i could use it while i play tennis, (and leave my phone in the car), which i do 2-3 times a week.

Instead of spending a bunch more money for the steel link band - I found a sweet replica on Amazon for $35! Together, they look awesome!!




I use the Series 0 Stainless while I sleep using the AutoSleep app and the Series 3 during the day.