Signed up for MobileMe Trial


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May 12, 2009
This is really just a rant post. Maybe others feel my pain and give me a pat on the back or something.

I use Live mail. I really like it. A good secure, realiable, place for my mail. The web interface is the best I've seen. (sorry gmail - privacy is an issue, you're not in the running). I found and started using mBox mail before and loved it - until now.

I signed up for MobileMe trial after noticing that some of my contacts did not sinc correctly to my Windows contact list. I love the features of MobileMe that provide syncroniztation. And push notification, NICE!

But... The web based email interface for .me accounts, well, sucks. And I don't want a .me mail account anyway.

I want MobileMe to sync my Live Mail (or provide a better mail interface and domain)! Sucks I say! What to do.


Jan 16, 2008
I use the Safari version for windows for Mobile Me on Vista. IE just does not work and is slow.

They have gotten better, but no where near where they need to be. You would enter data and the browser would on its own, refresh and everything was lost.

Moving pictures around in the gallery is hit or miss. Sometimes it does it instantly when you drag and drop and others it does nothing.

The mail seems ok, other than the refresh issue. I have the mail account as it came with it, but use MM mostly for organizing photos and sync calendar with iPhone, laptop, desktop, and mac mini