Siri starting Bluetooth & Wi-Fi


Sep 19, 2012
For those disappointed that Siri can't turn on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi consider this:
We turn on apps by touching their icons with a finger. Instant On! Wi-Fi connects automatically in places
where we've connected before. Home and work for example. Siri Not Needed here! In new places permissions,
passwords and payments may be needed. How and where is Siri going to get that info?
Bluetooth presents it's own set of problems for a Siri turn on. Bluetooth devices may need to be paired with the
IOS device. Sometimes my iPhone connects to my car Bluetooth instantly when I turn on ignition, other times
I have to go through the connection process. How would Siri handle that? Apple never said it would do these things.
It probably won't in the future.


Nov 28, 2008
Why wouldn't Siri be able to handle those things?

First of all you could just make it basic. Some people would be satisfied with Siri just having the ability to turn them on or off. You do all the pairing in advance. So when you get in your car you tell Siri to turn on Bluetooth and you're set to go. You already paired it in advance so you no need to pair it again; that is unless your Bluetooth connectivity is terrible as it shouldn't need pairing again.

Secondly, Siri could do all these advance functions if programmed. Taking Bluetooth for example:
- "Me to Siri: turn on Bluetooth"
- "Siri: Bluetooth is now on"
- "Me to Siri: Start pairing a Bluetooth device"
- "Siri: The following are devices you can pair to: Vehicle A, Vehicle B, etc"
- "Me to Siri: Pair Vehicle A"
- "Siri: Please enter the code shown on your vehicle to finish the pairing"
- I enter code and done

Personally I'd rather have the first option because if I have to go through the second option I'd rather do it myself.


Sep 19, 2012
If I get in my car with Bluetooth turned off I have to turn it on(I can see Siri doing that task in the future)then I have to go through a connect routine( I don't expect Siri to do that in the near future). If I enter the car with Bluetooth already on, at ignition phone connects to Bluetooth.
So I'd be better of if I could tell Siri to turn it on before I start the car and to turn it off whenever I'm out of the car. I'm assuming Bluetooth is a battery drain so I don't want it on always. This iteration of Siri starts apps and gives sports scores and standings. I don't see
Apple throwing the kitchen sink into it anytime soon. This thread started with "Why doesn't Siri start my wi-Fi and Bluetooth? Like it was expected.


Apr 3, 2008
FYI. On 5.1.1 JB you turn on BT and Wi-Fi with an app.

Apple chose to not allow Siri to do this. Not sure why.