Sleep/Shutdown Button


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Nov 8, 2007
So, in typical luck for me, I dropped my iPhone, with the case on, and the first place it makes contact with the ground is in the recessed hole for the shutdown/sleep button. So, it is dented in and no longer works reliably. My question, is there anyway to force the phone to shutdown/go to sleep without pressing this switch. Can you invoke the shutdown/sleep command without having to push the button. I am assume Apple will charge me $250 to fix this minor problem. Any other suggestions..... I wasn't sure if it was possible to take the cover off, which I am scared to do, but I feel like I could fix it with some slight ingenuity...

Thanks in advance.

Jul 6, 2007
Marietta, GA
umm the only thing i can think of to do, is to make it go to sleep, set your "auto lock" time to one minute and then it will automatically go to sleep 1 minutes after you stop touching the screen, and to turn it off just let it die. sry im not much help!


Aug 2, 2007
Did the button get damaged, or the whole area around it? If it's a little of both, try to see if the aluminum back is catching on the button. If it is, you might be able to shave the button carefuly with a razorblade where it's catching and free it up some.
It's almost a guarrantee that whatever area the case does not cover, the phone will land on if dropped. No idea why, but I dropped mine in the vaja topholster case and the one area that was not protected is over the camera. Guess where it hit?
I've since had the phone replaced, and the first thing I did was put a Invisible Shield on the phone. While this won't stop damage from a direct impact, it will prevent the scratches that come with hitting the ground, plus even though it's very thin, it does absorb a little bit of the impact, making a dent less than if it were completely unprotected.
My first iPhone had the invisible shield on it, and it was kicked down a school hallway after falling out of my pocket. Not a single indication that anything happened to it when I picked it up.