Slider iCon Mod - European Flags Inside


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Sep 14, 2007
Hi there, i found a bunch of iCons on Deviant Art (not : none of these were made by me, only modified by me) and contains all the European flags (i think)

I live in the UK, so have taken 2 slightly blurry pics trying to show them off (There were no separate ones for the Scotland, England, Wales & Northern Ireland......Sorry - If anyone can locate any in the same style then please let me know! :laugh2:)

I have uploaded all of the Slider Flags to my Site -

Note : I was too lazy and will be uploading this on other iPhone Mod Sites, that's why i didn't upload them on this site lol :laugh2:

I will update tomorrow to include the rest of the world, for now here is the USA & Canda Icons for now :

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