Slo-Mo Mod adds slow motion to iPhone 5, others.

Apple in its infinite wisdom has reserved the slow motion feature for the iPhone 5s, but there are now several alternatives.

As discussed elsewhere, the app SlowCam is a camera app that creates slow motion videos on other iPhone models. Now there is another Cydia app, Slo-Mo Mod that simply enables that feature within the stock iPhone Camera app.


I have tested it on my iPhone 5 and it works great, allowing the same slow motion effect management as in the 5S.

Oh, and did I mention it's FREE?
Apple, in its infinite wisdom, wants to motivate the consumer to buy the latest hardware. Sounds like a sound businesss move to me, and they are sitting on about 150 billion dollars.
Yeah, I agree that it's a good businesss decision, but as a consumer that is waiting for the next iPhone, I reserve the right to sarcastically poke them in the eye for witholding this fun feature from me!