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Discussion in 'iPhone 6' started by timus, Sep 23, 2014.

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    My wonder son pre-ordered 6s for his Ma, me, and himself through AT&T, beginning the effort at the midnight hour when the lines opened. Apple crashed, so an hour later he did business with AT&T.

    Solid, three phones on the way.

    My lovely Wife had her white 64 gig 6+ delivered to her the same day as those who camped out for weeks.

    My son and I were informed our expected delivery date was sometime in November.

    Then, out of the blue, his black 128 gig Plus arrived today. And they are still "preparing to ship" my black 64 gig Plus.

    If I have to wait until 27 November, I promise it's the last time I will be a part of any AT&T contract. I will spend the time thinking about how I could just waltz into one of the other shops and out again with a cheaper Android on time without contract.

    The long day wanes, and so does my enthusiasm for Apple.

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    You want to know why there is such a drastic difference in delivery times for at&t? I talked to people who stayed up all night and pre ordered through at&t and guess what they still don't have a phone! I also talked with people whom said they pre ordered 8am-10am 9/12 and they got there phones on the 19th (launch day) the reason is .... we all know that at&t won't ever come out and publicly say this but the truth is that there servers and systems CRASHED! they had to manually enter the orders into there database and when they did it they did a terrible job at keeping them in "order" that is why so many people are confused! I know people who ordered the phone friday 9/12 at almost NOON! and guess what they got the phone 9/19 meanwhile the poor folk who ordered at 0301 isn't getting his until the middle of October!

    If you ordered through at&t I can promise you that it wasn't apple fault! take a look at the people who ordered through apple I haven't seen very many complaints other than there server jammed when everyone got onto order at the same time which is expected! at&t on the other hand really screwed this one up if you ask me.
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    I'm not mad at the AT&T contract or service but NEVER will I EVER order through AT&T again unless it's walking into the store and picking it up there

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