Slow speeds using MacBook Air and Airport Extreme

Jul 6, 2013
i have the latest MacBook Air, 1.7GHz and 8GB ram, a few days back i bought the airport extreme base station which i set up quite easily also managed to create a guest network. but i thought this device would enhance my internet speed at least threefold but the difference is very minimal at best. i am looking for confirmation that i have indeed set this up correctly. I have connected the airport extreme to my existing router that was installed by my internet service provider. Im sure setup is right as i can see the green light on the airport extreme, also airport utillity app on both ipad & iPhone. my speeds are 4.67 mbs down & 0.79 up.
these are average speeds taken by
before hooking up the AE speeds were 3.93 down & 0.85 up. average.
another woe i have is that i have managed to connect printer but can only print from my MBA and not ipad or iPhone message says no air printers found. help please.


Sep 7, 2010
In general, your internet speed is governed by the service you've bought vs a particular computer unless you're comparing the Mac to some 10yrs old, horribly obsolete system.

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Jun 17, 2013
Your internet speeds with and without the AirPort Extreme are close enough to say that nothing changed. Your ISP is giving you that level of performance. What speeds do they day you should have?

Regarding your inability to print from iPad or iPhone, these devices print only to printers which support AirPrint, which is not a feature all printers have. AirPrint support means that you don't need to install printer-specific drivers on your iDevices, and the printers advertise themselves on the local network so your iDevices don't need to have them added to a list of printers.

But, for these conveniences to be available to you, your printer needs to support AirPrint. HP, Epson, and other manufacturers sell printers with AirPrint support, and for reasonable prices.