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  1. Dunno if Ive spoken of this on these boards before.
    My youngest son, Tiberius Anthony Barron Vers 2.0 (long story) was born 6 months ago. He was diagnosed in utero with 2 congenital heart defects:

    Transposition of the great arteries
    Double outlet right ventrical

    Both fairly common, and not unusual to have them together. Early prognosis was that baby would need chest open a few days after birth for a temporary solution (shunt) between aortic and pulminary arteries to assist proper oxyegination of blood. Then major open heart reconstruction scheduled around the 6 month timeframe.
    Based on the preliminary diagnosis, would likely need similar surgery at each major growth stage (toddler and adolescent) to allow for body outgrowing synthetic components of surgery.
    Cardiac surgeon has talked about best case scenario where once he actually is in the heart, may find that he is able to make repairs on the level that the heart is returned to a state that is considered anotomically correct, and not need further surgery.
    Baby went under the knife this AM.
    Just got word from the surgical team that Dr was able to perform best case surgery!
    Unbelievably relived and super grateful!
    Here is a pic of Tiberius in his scrubs, minutes from the start of operation:


    I'm sure his attitude had a lot to do with the success of today's surgery!
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  2. Bitewound

    Bitewound Evangelist

    That's wonderful news Stormtrooper:D Sending best wishes for a speedy recovery for Tiberius, and a good nights sleep for you and his mom;)
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  4. RoofMonkey

    RoofMonkey Genius

    It's always nice to hear such a potentially bad/sad story have a happy outcome!
  5. SunnySweet

    SunnySweet Contributor

    Sending love and prayers for a speedy recovery to that brave cutiepie! Always nice to hear the best case scenario happens!
  6. iP5

    iP5 Evangelist

    Outstanding. Can hardly imagine what you and yours went through.

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  7. Hondamaker

    Hondamaker Genius

    Poor little thing. I hope his troubles are all over with now.
  8. Well, he does have me for his dad....
  9. Just don't let him drive your Imperial Walker until he's sixteen.

    And learn to shoot straight, will ya? You troopers can't hit the broad side of a barn!
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  10. ^
    I'll make sure to bring that up with Lord Vader @ the next business meeting....
  11. Watch your throat.
  12. Europa

    Europa Moderator

    Glad to hear the surgery went well. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. :)
  13. Tattooed Alex

    Tattooed Alex Genius

    Happy to hear your son is doing well. Heart breaking stories when you hear about one like this, take care stormtrooper.

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  14. My comments above were my roundabout way of wishing your son the best of health in the future.

    Ooh, I feel so gooey and icky now...
  15. Being from the darkside, I totally get your sense of humor and do appreciate it!

    Thanks to all for the + vibes. We could not be happier or in better hands.....
  16. PinkBanana

    PinkBanana Zealot

    sending thoughts and prayers to your little one, for a speedy recovery.
  17. TarekElsakka

    TarekElsakka Genius

    That is very nice to hear. Best of luck to you, your son, and the whole family, man. My niece had a very similar operation to the heart when she was about 5 or 6 months old as well and now she's 13 and everything's just fine and she actually trains and plays basketball.

    Again, I wish you all the best.
  18. katelynneemma

    katelynneemma Evangelist

    Best of luck to the lil guy! My best friends son had open heart surgery at 2 days old. He's now a very healthy, active and intelligent 4yo. :)
  19. danielle.

    danielle. Member

    I'm so glad surgery went well! I can't imagine how worried you must have been. Btw, he's adorable. :)
  20. Unfriggin beleviable...
    DR said they expected to have him immobilized under heavy sedation for at least 24 hours.
    In less than 18 hours, he's now awake, with his breathing tube removed and heart beating normally on its own.
    So grateful!
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  21. Bennyboy

    Bennyboy Genius

    It breaks my heart seeing such a beautiful baby go through that. I seriously hope that everything goes well and that you get to take him home soon.

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