so after all of my issues...


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Jul 13, 2007
South Florida
as some of you may already know i had some issues with my unlocked phone. i panicked and attempted a restore (on my windows based computer of course...:mad:). the restore process didn't go so well. it would extract the software but not put the new 1.1.4 software on it. and kept giving me unknown error 6 and -50. so i figured i'd go down to the Apple store and talk with the genius and see what he had to say. i went on describing my problems, some factual.. some not (such as i didn't know why this might be happening). it took the dang genius no more than 3 minutes to completely restore my phone. but just as he finished restoring he found a bubble under the screen and told me that the bubble was a defect and since my phone was under warranty i get a brand new phone. so all in all i parted way with my heavily scratched bezel and scuffed up back for a completely defect-less iPhone for no cost to me. since i had a brand new phone i had to get some extra protecting, such as the ant-glare film set, and a black incase slider. so i'm pretty jacked right about now!:laugh2::laugh2::laugh2: i figured i might let you fellas know, in case you had similar issues and maybe you cared.


Sep 28, 2007
Now thats a nice story. Them Apple dudes are awesome some times.