So, Do you still think JB'ing is worth it?


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Jul 21, 2007
I have a 3G 16gb jailbroken using Pwnage.

The thing that freaks me out is the long boot times...I keep thinking it isn't going to pull out of the boot takes THAT long.

Winterboard obviously slows the phone down a bunch...sms, calendar, maps all have longer load times. I guess there isn't really a way to fix that huh?

SBsettings(?) has totally frozen my phone a couple times so that I have to reboot but it is such a handy program...yes I am just that lazy:)

I just love having a theme so much that I think I am just going to have to live with it...


Jul 13, 2008
First off, THANK YOU to all those people who put so much time and effort into helping others to JB our iPhones. I reformatted my computer so many times, I forgot what I used to JB it. I'm too lazy to look up what I use. Yes on my 3G 16G, I love JB, and yes, I can deal with the bugs. I don't think I need to repeat what others said already as I do have those bugs too. I love the custom themes the most.


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Oct 14, 2008
As they say in my native Noo Frickin' Joisey...

"Ay... fuhgeddaboudit!"

I've no need to unlock my iPhone... but have jailbroken it like a week after I got it.
I would be completely LOST without the jailbreak because I'm a download & customizing junkie freakazoid.
I got like over 50 apps on my 3G (for now, more to come...) and they're absolutely amazing... and absolutely FREE!

Snapture, ToneFX and Winterboard ALONE are worth the jailbreak!

(As a matter of fact... I'm only here tonight "shopping" for some keyboard mods, but haven't found any yet..)

I have almost NO problems at all with my phone.
Sometimes it's a teeny tiny bit laggy and sometimes (not often) an app may crash back to the Springboard...

So wut...?

I restart it, and it woiks!

But to go back to a completely BORING plain vanilla iPhone,
with nothing but App Store apps and games...

Like I said...

"Fuhgeddaboudit! OH!"


Oct 20, 2008
Okay guys and gals. I've spoken to Saurik now, and he didn't know about this issue. He will be looking up in this, and probably release a update if he manage to locate the error(s) that causes the problem(s).

Another thing. He said he didn't know about this problem since we, who are having this problems dosn't report back to him, but instead, we are discussing it in forums. So, next time, if somebody is having problems with Cydia, Winterboard, or bla bla bla, tell it to the developer(s), and don't think the problem will go away when you're shouting at a random forum. :)


Feb 19, 2008
Silicon Valley
WTF... Illegal? are we all outlaws I think not.

JB same lag or time to open stuff as before.
Almost everything has run smoothly on mine.

Until Apple allows theming etc. I don't see how JB will be avoided.
Seems to me they have such a great product that needs to be more open source to open up all the possibilities.. ( that all you devs have thank you! )
Just no point in trying to be Bill gates ya know.

Look at the Gphone. Made to tweek right?