So, you've decided to use MP4.


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Nov 19, 2008
Melbourne, Australia
Well, I have at least, and I'm finding some issues trying to connect it up.

Seems to be a common thread on these forums, but I've not yet found an answer. So, let's start with.... The Problem! Cigar for anyone in the audience who guessed correctly that's what I was going to say.

In order to recreate this problem, you are going to need:

1 iPhone.
1 Copy of "The Tick: Complete Series" Handily converted to iPod Mp4 Format by a Program called Prism (Got it from the Apple Site, free of charge)
A SPOOOOOOON. (Kidding, that's just a reference from the aforementioned series.
A Macbook, that is neither professional in look, or use.

Enough Stalling. Here's what I've done and what I've er, attempted and failed miserably to do, resulting in this, my first post on any forum, anywhere in over 2 years.

I downloaded The Tick, which was... in avi format. Found out it needed to be in MP4 Format for iTunes to recognize it.

Ok Groovy, Handily Converted it to MP4 Format (iPhone setting) using Prism.

Managed to Import it into iTunes.

So, at this point I had, My series nicely imported into iTunes for ease of watching.

And this is where I got stuck. I attempted ye olde "Drag and Drop" on the iPhone to no avail. I explored the settings on the iPhone to see if I could find a "Sync my movies" setting. Nada. No Joy. Do not pass go. In fact, I can find, not anywhere where I'm able to transfer the files I wish. Here's a screenshot as an example:

So, There's that. Unable to move them across, and no blatantly obvious way to sync movies onto The iPhone of Dorian Gray.

I think I might write a haiku or at least a Rewrite of Kelis' "Milkshake" to express my frustration.

My iPhone brings all the files to the yard, and their like, "It won't sync yours" Damn Right, I won't sync yours". I could teach you, but you 'd have to legitmately buy them from Apple"

I might need to rewrite that so it's less.... not rhymey

But yes, off the track a little there, if anyone could help me, I'd be most appreciative and promise not to make fun of your hat, or in the case your not wearing a hat, the hat I imagine you'd be wearing.




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Nov 19, 2008
Melbourne, Australia
So, Hi.

30 seconds after posting here, I started dicking around with the Series, and re-classified the files as TV shows. This has solved the issue and I am now able to Sync. I believe that it would be..... THIS EASY to put pull movies onto your phone.

Anyhow. Thanks to anyone who took the time to read my ramblings.


Jun 4, 2007
Atlanta, Georgia
Ok well, first things first. Do the files appear within your library either under TV Shows or Movies? I would imagine so, but just wanted to check. I see that you stated you converted them using the iPhone setting. Now, I haven't used (nor heard of) Prism before but I have had issues with other converters when I chose iPhone, despite the fact that it is the obvious choice. Try choosing to convert into iPod Classic or iPod Video whichever option it gives and see if that works, I know it has for me in the past.