Soft Reset and hard Reset

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by arlan, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. arlan

    arlan Member

    what are the differences besides the fact that you press different buttons..?

  2. KNK

    KNK New Member

    For resetting the iPhone, just press the sleep/wake butn until the slide to power off comes on. this is something that needs to be done at least once a week, it makes the phone perform better.
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  4. psylichon

    psylichon Moderator

    This has been a question on my mind for a while. Obviously, one should reset their iPhone once in a while to maintain stability. But what is the best way to do it, soft or hard?

    Obviously, you wouldn't want to hard reset your computer every time, but that's usually due to fragmentation issues, which I doubt would occur with the iPhone. That and the fact that there are a bevy of issues that can ONLY be cleared with a hard reset, so it would stand to reason that a hard reset is more thorough at cleaning up. But is it bad for the iPhone to always turn it off this way?

  5. Colin

    Colin New Member

    Interestingly, I like to power down my phone while I sleep. No sense getting a 'surprise' call at 3:00 AM because someone on the east coast doesn't understand that "800" is a Hawaii area code. I guess I reset my phone everyday.
  6. patrickj

    patrickj Genius

    I think Hard Reset is kind of a dopey term for this. I know it's the accepted way to refer to a forced reboot, but it doesn't really reset anything (more than would be done by a normal power off & back on). Seems like it should just be called a reboot, or forced reboot ...
  7. Colin

    Colin New Member

    I guess because Apple products don't "crash" we can't have the term "reboot" Thus its a "reset" In this politically correct world there are no "problems" only "challenges" ...
  8. Eragon

    Eragon Zealot

    The distinction between hard and soft resets is really an issue for Windows Mobile users. In the past, a soft reset was equivalent to what we envision as a "reboot" - application gets hung up, and won't quit, perform a soft reset. Before Windows Mobile 5 (Pocket PC 2003), a hard reset would restore the device to factory settings - all 3rd party applications would be removed.
  9. Griffinaz

    Griffinaz Zealot

    Wouldn't it be easier to just flip the silence switch at night?
  10. KNK

    KNK New Member

    Wrong, they crash all the time at the production studio that I work with.:mad:
  11. patrickj

    patrickj Genius

    Yeah, I'm a long-time WinMo user. Hard reset still means the same on WM5 - wipes the device, back to factory settings. That has not changed with WM5. And that's part of why I said the term hard reset is a bit silly on the iPhone, as it is not really resetting anything more than a normal power off and on would do ...
  12. Colin

    Colin New Member

    Ha Ha I know they do, just a little 'backhanded swipe' at apple,,,,, what kind of production work so you do?

    Griffinaz, I guess I could switch it to silent, but then I'd have to remember to turn on the ringer again. :gasp: Seriously, I'm not planning to take calls in the middle of the night and there is no reason the run the battery down (and use up my 500 recharge lifespan) if I don't need the phone.

    If/when I disconnect the home phone, I will leave at least one phone on in case of emergencies, but even then it would probably my wifes razr.

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