Sold my iphone 4, now iMessage texting going 2 both devices...

Discussion in 'iPhone 4' started by prott1, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. prott1

    prott1 Member

    Ok, so I sold the iphone 4 to a friend, but had done the iOS5 update. I removed all my info.. So here it goes. The new owner of my old phone got there service hooked up with their own number, but somehow both the old and new phones recieve the same text messages. So for example, the girlfriend sends me a text, (which I get), but the only problem is a few minutes later we are both getting the text, "who is this", and come to find out it's the new owner of my old phone receiving the text also... Thoughts????? I'm thinking it's that AT&T has the old SIM connected to my account still.. .I hope this makes sense.... Someone help!!
  2. acosmichippo

    acosmichippo Genius

    yeah, when you sell phones, you should keep the SIM.
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  4. Eninety2

    Eninety2 Member

    how exactly did you remove all your info from the old phone?
  5. prott1

    prott1 Member

    Manually... something I've done every year I've traded up to a new phone and have never had this issue. I believe I should have just removed the damn SIM... "Note to self"...
  6. Eninety2

    Eninety2 Member

    Erase all content and settings?

    Regardless, it goes by either phone number or email address.
  7. dorrien12

    dorrien12 Member

    Call and get your IMEI number and SIM numbers checked, they are both attached to your phone number. Once they change them, y'all should be alright.

    And the new person, should change his SIM too.

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  8. Europa

    Europa Moderator

    I don't think this is related to your old SIM card. Your old SIM should have deactivated the moment you updated to a 4S and activated your new SIM. I think this problem is related to iMessages. The best way to ensure all of your personal data is removed is to restore to factory settings before selling it. I'd remove the SIM as well. I think this problem may be related to manually removing data rather than restoring and some things being forgotten, such as your iMessages email.
  9. canamera

    canamera Zealot

    That sounds more accurate than being the sim Mindi...I agree that you should always do a restore before selling. He probably forgot to delete or change something in his manual removal of things.

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  10. imutter

    imutter Genius

    yeah it's not the sim we had that issue a little bit with the Beta and we never switched phones
    I wonder did you at one point a group message ?
    Anyway always switch the sim ( we do this even we are in the same family)
    reset all setting and restore
    since you know the person I guess you could work it out
  11. jamesnev

    jamesnev New Member

    This just happened to me as well, after doing some looking around. It looks with OS 5 your phone number becomes linked to your apple ID, which than will link to each iOS device you own.

    I logged onto my friends iPhone 4s to download 1 app for them, than i logged out.. but all my iMessages kept going to my iPhone4 and her iPhone 4s.

    I had to restore her phone to make it stop. also.. you may want to look at your apple ID settings on iTunes. it shows you what devices are linked to your apple ID.

    So if you have a iPad wifi, iPod, and iPhone.. they would all be linked to which than links them to 604.555.1234. so anyone who texts your iPhone. all your own devices would receive the same messages.
  12. Jilly

    Jilly New Member

    This has happened to me! I reset the phone to factory settings, was ULTRA careful to remove all data, and I kept my sim, but the IMessage my husband sent went to the phone. I am not so lucky, I do not know the person who bought my phone and am concerned for my security! I can only assume it is linked somehow to IMEI but cannot work out anywhere how to change this, so have now had to change my apple ID as it's the only thing I can think of. I presume Apple will see this as an issue and correct it.

    I am frustrated that you do not get an option to either send an imessage or a text, it just decides for you and is clearly sending messages to my old phone when my husband sent them to my phone number with my sim in a new phone.. Hmm. Any help gratefully appreciated.
  13. iP5

    iP5 Evangelist

    Maybe it's your husbands iPhone or contacts that is remembering the old phone.

    Since your first statement is that you did a factory reset.

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  14. Danieluh

    Danieluh New Member

    I bought an broken iPhone, fixed it and sold it.
    I've never used the phone.
    I connected it to my computer, and restored it from DFU-mode to be sure.
    I did NOT restore it from backup, I did NOT configure it, just unplugged it.
    I wasn't even logged into my Apple ID in iTunes!
    I inserted my sim-card just to check the signal.
    Then I sold it. The customer can now read and send iMessages with my identity.
    Got no usefull help from Apple..
  15. Jilly

    Jilly New Member

    I have still not found the answer to this, and can only assume that it will be fixed in an Apple update, it's not clear why the Imessage goes to the device even when it is not linked to your account. For now I have had to turn this very useful feature off completely!

  16. verwon

    verwon Evangelist

    On other forums, it's been found that before wiping the phone to sell it, you have to deactivate iMessage to prevent this from happening.
  17. Danieluh

    Danieluh New Member

    But what if the phone is already sold?
  18. verwon

    verwon Evangelist

    They need to wipe it, then restore and activate, to wipe out your sim info.

    Your mistake after wiping was reinserting your sim.

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  19. Danieluh

    Danieluh New Member

    It shouldn't be so easy -.-'
    At least they should require Apple ID and password the first time.
  20. JDem

    JDem Member

    I apologize if this has been mentioned anywhere else (another thread maybe) and I do not want to step on anyone's toes here, but have we confirmed that this is isolated to GSM phones and has not affected any CDMA units?

    I only ask because if no CDMA users have experienced this yet, we can more safely assume it is SIM related.
  21. Nimblino

    Nimblino New Member

    Same problem here:(
    Bought a 2nd hand iPhone4 for my wife. When she turns the iMessage on, the previous owner receives the text messages too. On the iMessage setting, I can see his email address but I can't remove the account (I suppose I would need to have his password to log in and then delete the account!).

    Tried restoring to company settings a few time; no joy:(

    Any tested advice would be appreciated.


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