Soldered off iPhone 4 antenna connection point. HELP

Discussion in 'iPhone 4' started by paintdude258, Jul 31, 2012.

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    I was recently attempting to boost my iPhone 4 antenna connection by adding a solder to a contact point near where the iPhone antenna connects to the motherboard. Come to find out, i didn't have the right tools, nor do i have the necessary experience. So while doing so, i soldered off the raised ring on the motherboard that the antenna wire fastens on to. Does anyone have any possible suggestions or ideas on how to work around this problem? I basically have a big iPod touch now, and it sucks!

    The point i am talking about is the connection point right in the middle of the photo below.
  2. rambo47

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    A legit repair would probably cost as much as a replacement phone. I'd say just bin it, or part it out and eBay stuff like the screen, housing, etc.
  3. Hondamaker

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    Well, since you don't seem to have anything to lose, I would try to repair or re-solder it.
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    Take a pic of the part you need. If its removable, I have a busted iPhone 4 for parts. Pm me

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