Some interesting stuff about iOS 8 enjoy


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Jul 28, 2014
Brisbane - Australia
Thought I would share this info with you which was published on 2 forums where I am an administrator. I do not have the original source sorry about that . Please enjoy. Colin , Australia

Minor, but Interesting things I’ve found in iOS 8: Mostly things that were not in the release notes, or that I decided to mention because I really like them.


* You can set the time that audio, video, and text messages are kept. Audio and video are defaulted to delete after 2 minutes (after you view them I’m guessing) or Never. Text messages can be kept for 30 days, 1 Year, or Forever.
* If one of your contacts has shared their location, you can see them on the map in the Details of a conversation. Apparently Find My Friends location sharing is carried over into Messages.


* Alas, iPhotos is no more.
* Camera Roll and Photo Stream seem to have been replaced by the slightly smarter Recently Added and Recently Deleted albums; with Photo Stream itself disappearing into the background. You only know it’s there because you still see it in Photo’s settings.
* Nice editing tools. Filters still boring.


* You can now tap on the Camera modes. Before you could only swipe through them.


* When you select a word suggestion, then type a period, it backspaces to put the period where it needs to be. It does this whether you’ve got the double space shortcut enabled or not. (Keyboard settings)
* The Predictive feature can be turned on/off using the World key. Tap and hold for the option. You need to have more than one keyboard language enabled to see the World key.
* Keyboard shortcuts show up in the predictive text, making it easier to avoid the unwanted shortcut.
* Top three word replacement options show up in the predictive text. Much faster than using the contextual menu.


* Seriously liking the Notify Me option.
* You can swap the swipe actions for Flag and Unread in settings, or change the right swipe to Archive.


* Notes app now has basic formatting (BIU), and you can insert photos. That means you could use it to create emails, and send them directly from the Notes app. If you’ve have emails that you send over and over again, this could be a light weight solution.
* Slight, but pleasantly noticeable overall darkening of most native apps and other ‘stuff’. Much easier on the eyes.
* iBooks now has a new All category that shows ‘all’ your books, even if they are in other categories, and you can toggle Hide iCloud Books to filter by what is on your device. Thank you Apple.
* On the other hand, iBooks has gotten in-your-face with the store part of the app.