Some questions about buying an iPhone 4S from an Apple Store (in Canada)

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Oct 8, 2011
Hi, I was just wondering that, if I buy an iPhone 4S from an Apple Store (in Canada), and not online, will it still work everywhere in the world? Also, will the price in the physical Apple Store be exactly the same as the price online on the Apple Canada website? Also, does anyone know if it will work for sure in Saudi Arabia? Since it's "factory unlocked", it should work, but I just want to make sure :)



Dec 30, 2009
Toledo, OH
Price will be the same as on the site. This still means u have to renew your contract. If it is unlocked it will work anywhere in the world as long as you get a micro SIM for it. Whether its unlocked at the retails stores or not will be upto u to find out. Call them and ask, when I spoke to an Apple rep he said that Canada will have unlocked iPhones. I took this to mean that yes the retail store ones will also be unlocked.
Oct 8, 2011
Alright thanks guys :D The contract thing doesn't really concern me because I don't have a previous contract or anything. However, it would be great if someone could confirm for sure whether the Canadian Apple Stores sell unlocked iPhone 4S's. And is sales tax also charged?
@AeroCare: I live here in Saudi Arabia.