Something went terribly wrong during update


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Sep 5, 2007
So... I connected my phone to my computer today in order to download the new version. During the download, something went wrong - couldnt tell you what exactly but all of a sudden, my phone said "please attach to iTunes" - restarting it does nothing. It's the only thing the phone does now - just reads that message. To make matters worst, when i finally got iTunes to recognize my phone (which was a task in itself) it sais I need to restore the phone. Im upset about this in itself because I'm gonna lose all my new contacts (when you sync your phone, does it move contacts from the phone to the computer as well?) - if thats the case, I may be in luck. However, evrytime I attempted to restore the phone, iTunes said theres an error and it was unable to do so. "unknown error occurred" PLEASE HELP GUYS! What can I do?


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Aug 11, 2007
Your phone is in what is called 'Recovery Mode'. I'm afraid there is nothing you can do but restore.

However, you will get back all of your data, including notes, texts, alarms, etc as long as you synced before the update. Good luck.