Speaker died. DEAD!

So I'm driving down the road listening to music without headphones (forgot them), and my speaker suddenly crackles a few times and then is silent. I check everything, reboot, hard reset; nothing. It just died. Since I purchased online via AT&T I stop in the local store and find that they are just opening their first restock shipment since release. They confirm the problem and give me a replacement without hesitation. I did a quick iCloud backup on the spot, wiped my phone and now I'm a happy camper. I'm at home restoring from iCloud and re-syncing all my apps, photos (14,745), and other stuff.

This is my first operational issue with any iPhone and I started with the first. I did exchange my 3GS for a refurb after the back case cracked at 360 days. I'll have to see if this one exhibits any WiFi issues, especially when connected to a signal using AES.


Senior Moderator
Dec 12, 2008
Wow, that was great timing! Glad to hear you got a replacement from AT&T so fast.