Speaker sounds like its on permanently.

Discussion in 'iPhone 6S' started by Vyndetta, Oct 15, 2015.

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    My wife told me about some sort of feedback she was getting on her phone but i ignored it. So when she brought it up again she showed me what she was talking about. She put the speaker of her Iphone 6 plus to my ear and it sounded like her speaker was on but she was not on a phone call, so i did the same thing on my phone and put the speaker of my Iphone 6s plus to my ear and i am hearing the same thing. Can anyone try this and let me know im not crazy please..lol
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    Hi there @Vyndetta. I tried this and I didn't hear a thing. Granted, I'm at work now and the air is on and I'm not sure if that would interfere with this test. Nevertheless, I hear nothing coming out of my speaker.

    Hmmmmm, You and your wife ah have any problems with anyone recently?:cautious: Is there anyone who'd have it out for ya? Possibly they slipped a bug app or tracking app of some kind on you guys iPhones when you were sleep?:whistle: Hmmmmm?

    No, really, if this is an always thing and not feedback from being close to something you guys are close to and not realize it, make a Genius appointment and take these phones in the Apple Store ASAP! Get that checked out. But make perfectly sure first that this is an always constant sound emanating from the speaker of your iPhones and not from an appliance that is interfering with the speaker somehow. Check for this sound outside, in the car walking down the street and in different places in your home. Make sure and then make the appointment. It could be something simple as interference or you could actually have an issue and Apple will give you new phones.
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    1. Please describe the sound. Was it voices or static?
    2. What apps were open/running in the background on your phones?
    3. Does the sound continue after a reboot?
    4. Does it continue after you move to a different location, such as outside the house?
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    A slight noise in the speaker is common after a sound is played from the speaker, and usually it stops within a few seconds. It happens in every smartphone and phone in the world, and the only way to hear that is to put the speaker right next to your ear.
    But it shouldn't happen permanently. Maybe this is a problem of your iPhone and you should make a Genius appointment.
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    Not the ones I've used.

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