SpringRoll Guide for 2.0 (SummerBoard Alternative)


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Jun 4, 2008
Philly, PA
First of all I will introduce SpringRoll. SpringRoll is a SpringBoard beautifier by Yanik Magnan. It's meant to be a transitional tool while users wait for a new version of SummerBoard or Customize. It allows you to change icons, status bar, dock, badge, and sliders.

Only problem with it is so far they have not figured out how to change the background image of your springboard and some believe there is no image it is just coded to be #000.

SpringRoll is currently available through Cydia which you get by JailBreaking your iPhone.

1. Anyway SpringRoll is fairly easy to use but you will need a few programs to get it to work (On windows at least). You will be needing a terminal program like PuTTY for windows and also a FTP program that supports SSH(I use SmartFTP).
2. After you have these two installed(and SpringRoll is on your iPhone of course) and both are connected to the iPhone via SSH you are ready to start. In the FTP client open up to the private/var/root folder and create a subfolder named SpringRoll.
3. When you have the new subfolder, you want to open it up and you can drag your favorite SummerBoard theme into that folder (Remember there will be no background image so it may make some themes look odd). Note: If your theme's folder has a space in its name you will need to rename it.
4. Now that you have the theme in place on your iPhone you need move on over to PuTTY and enter a few commands.
a. First you will want to backup your current default theme by typing:
"sr backup"
b. Second you need to convert your theme that you added in step 3 by typing:
"sr smbconv themefoldername" (Replace themefoldername with the name of your theme's folder)
c. Last you need to set that theme to your default theme by typing:
"sr theme themefoldername"
5. Now that all the steps are completed, your iPhone should be resetting its SpringBoard and when that is done all you have to do is enjoy your new iPhone theme!

I hope this helped and if anyone has any questions feel free to ask I and will try to help. :)

- Tytanius :cool: